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You can become a member in 3 steps as outline below

Step 1: Make Payments

-Pay joining/membership fees K400

-Pay forĀ  two shares K2,000

Bank Details for Payments:
Lusaka Avocado Multi Purpose. Cooperative
ZANACO Branch : Centre branch
Sort code : 010052

Step 2: Submit Membership Form + Proof of Payment

Fill out and submit your membership application form and include a proof of payment

Link to membership form

Step 3: Receive LAMCS Confirmation

LAMCS will process your membership application and confirm the outcome to you.

Welcome and enjoy the benefits of being a member.

It pays to be a member!

Take a look at some of the benefits below and join us.

Easier Access to Markets

LAMCS is seeking strategic partnerships so that member farmers can have ready buyers for their avocados.

Training and Knowledge Sharing

Through training sessions, educational tours and various member support forums LAMCS will ensure that member growers have all the support they need to succeed

Group Farm Insurance

LAMCS will negotiate group rates for member farmers to insure you avocado crop against fire and natural disasters

Access to Packhouse

LAMCS will build a packhouse for it’s cooperative farms as well as outgrower use

Global GAP Certification

LAMCS will provide guidance and training on Global GAP certification to members so that their produce can easily be exported to international markets.

Technical Guidance

LAMCS will provide members with access to technical guides for effectively running their avocado plantations

Using multiple forums and methods, LAMCS will provide members to excellent technical advice on running a successful avocado plantation

Members will learn from those who are ahead in the journey via LAMCS organized farm tours.

Members will have access to training sessions covering the A to Z of avocado farming.

LAMCS is seeking strategic partnerships so that member farmers can have ready buyers for their avocado produce.

LAMCS will support members with farm inspections to ensure their avocado production is going well and that they are aligning to standards such as Global GAP

Members will enjoy discounts negotiated by LAMCS for various inputs into the avocado production chain

LAMCS will help members apply to supporting grants such as the Green Climate Fund and Adaptation Fund

As a member of LAMCS you’ll be are a co-owner and entitled to your share of future dividends from the cooperative’s revenue generation activities.

Using the power in numbers you’ll get more success in your participation in the avocado value chain by leveraging the synergies and support from LAMCS

LAMCS will provide members with the opportunity to network with like minded and suitable contacts in your avocado production journey

LAMCS members will be given access to an online library of resources to support their avocado farming

With changes such as climate change that might affect your avocado farming, LAMCS will acquire group insurance to which members can subscribe to cover their avocado production

Membership Form